Press Release December 15, 2018

Contact: Jessica Rafaeil
Phone: 352-281-4619
Date: December 15, 2018


Daily inspiration for those seeking change in their lives.
< LOS ANGELES, Calif. > — Maria Dowd, founder of African American Women on Tour, aims to help change the lives of women around the world with the creation My Amazing LYFE. In addition to the interactive course, she is offering a free LYFE Lifts series for those who sign up through the website.

LYFE Lifts is presented in the form of a deck of 52 cards and a companion e-guide. It functions as a collection of daily reminders, affirmations and tips intended to become a daily part of your personal LYFE journey. Keep them close by and make them a part of your daily self-care routine to continue to learn more about yourself and ways to grow. LYFE Lifts starts with a 10-day email campaign that provides the participants with daily tips, information and inspirational pieces that will help them build better daily habits towards a more fulfilling life. Participants will have the opportunity to join a private community to network and interact with like-minded individuals while they walk through their process.

My Amazing LYFE stands to help women “Live. Your. Freedom. Every Day!” (LYFE). The eCourse includes 15 sections broken up to provide a holistic approach to healing and self-improvement. Packed with videos, inspirational messages, and daily activities and challenges, My Amazing LYFE offers a colorful and vivid approach to life coaching. In her efforts, Dowd focuses on providing women with the tools for continuing their growth rather than just preaching steps to a method of success.

“We [women] have a lot of pushes and pulls against us, particularly women of color,” Dowd said on her new brand. “With My Amazing LYFE, we want to provide a safe space where women can create changes in their life that they may have never imagined were possible.”

As a motivational speaker, author and catalyst for women’s empowerment, Maria Dowd’s mission is to elevate women’s self-awareness and self-activism. Maria began her journey of women’s empowerment as the founder and producer of African American Women on Tour, a high-impact empowerment conference that toured for 13 years and attracted thousands of women worldwide.

For more information on LYFE Lifts, My Amazing LYFE courses and products, please contact Jessica Rafaeil at My Amazing LYFE is also available on all social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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