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Whether a coach, blogger, vlogger, owner of a page on social media or share content with an audience online, you can become a LYFE PARTNER, and earn more online!

Here’s how affiliate marketing works:

Connect with your circles of influence

Promote to your audience

Visitor follows your referral link.

Get commission from sales.

Build a team, if you desire.

Get bonuses from their sales.

Whether you refer your friends and clients, or blend our life mapping system into your services, our strategic partnership is a pathway to earning passive income, while helping to transform lives in profound ways.

Here’s how affiliate marketing works:

What does the program cost and what do I need?
It costs absolutely nothing to become or maintain as an affiliate partner and you can cancel your affiliate partnership at any time.
Can I use the My Amazing LYFE name and logo on my site?
You can only use approved creative available through the affiliate program. You’ll find the approved banners and creative in your personal dashboard once you sign up. These assets are updated regularly to include new promotions and other news.
How much can I make?
You can make as much as you desire! Affiliates earn a minimum of 20% commission on every referred sale that occurs as a result of a click-through from your website, blog, newsletter, or social network community, plus 6 and 4 percent bonuses.** How much you earn is based upon how many of the visitors you, and your team refer who complete a purchase.
How do I know how much I’ve earned?
It’s easy! You can login and check your sales performance and commissions earned at any time.
When and how do I get paid?
Affiliate commissions are paid through AffiliateWP. You can choose your preferred payment method, and commissions are paid monthly after our 30-day money back guarantee expires. If you do not reach the payment threshold of twenty dollars ($20), your commission earned will be carried over to subsequent months until the payment threshold is met.
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