Maria Dowd’s deepest, most electrifying passion is to energize and equip women with tools and strategies to take bolder stands for the quality of their lives; and to be powerfully prepared for life’s unexpected twists and turns.

As a dynamic motivational speaker and impassioned catalyst for women’s empowerment, Maria taps into her own personal missteps and wake-up calls to inspire women to be more courageous, wise, and enterprising—to design an amazing life built upon uncompromising values, enduring passions, their true genius and expertise, and with crystal clear goals and action plansto advance what woman want and deserve. Maria’s My Amazing LYFE brands of empowerment programs, toolsand services holistically deliver this promise: to ensure the fulfillment of its clients’ dreams and aspirations.

Maria discovered her vocation in the 1990s, with the founding and production of African American Women on Tour (AAWOT), an empowerment conference she toured with for 13 years that garnered the support of such mega corporations as Bank of America, Chrysler, JC Penney, ExxonMobil, and Kellogg. AAWOT profoundly touched the lives of over 29,000 women worldwide by embracing, fueling, and celebrating their strengths, endurance, and brilliance. Maria later became a successful network marketing consultant, representing a line of botanical body care products. She trained and mentored a team of over 1,100 consultants committed to uplifting their economic well-beingand sharpening their leadership skills, while promoting self-care and healthy living.

Maria has authored three inspirational books: Journey to Empowerment, Journey into my Brother’s Soul, and Journey to a Blissful Life, which was featured in Essence magazine as one of the best books on personal renewal. Maria is also a contributing author of Delayed But Not Denied Books II and III.

Her life took a dramatic turn after a divorce in 2012, which served as a “lightbulb” moment, for Maria, like so many women, had fallen into the trappings of financial and emotional co-dependency. Determined to never find herself in such a vulnerable position again, Maria created a holistic life map to help her through the journey of expanded self-awareness and course corrections, resulting in remarkable levels of clarity and traction.

The My Amazing LYFE portfolio is designed to help professional and entrepreneurial women construct and fortify their:

  • Life insurance, retirement, business and estate plans to better protect their families, assets…and inner-peace.
  • Life goals, strategic plans and implementation strategies, to more powerfully live their highest and best life ever.

The “My Amazing LYFE Map” Course is an interactive holistic life planning system that includes coursework, personality assessments, action planning, community support, and more to help women (and men!) powerfully navigate and activate transformative life goals. The promise is a soul-stirring, whole-life blueprint with action steps and coaching on the road to greater success and happiness. Realizing that far too women land in vulnerable financial situations, Maria secured her state insurance licensing, and partners with a highly experienced financial team to help women make more informed decisions, to better control, and diligently pilot their long-range goals,while securing her family’s economic future.

Maria, a native Californian, is the mom of two daughters she’s over-the-top proud of. And grandmother to Noah, her bright, elementary school-aged grandson, who obsesses over planets, countries, and the continental divide.

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