I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousands times (so there must be some concrete evidence of its validity) – we have the capacity to dramatically transform our lives. However, we often default to believing:

I’m not badass enough to grasp the knowledge and tools: “I’M LIMITED” is a lie.

I don’t know how to get the knowledge and tools: “I LACK THE RESOURCES” is inexcusable.

I’m not disciplined enough to consistently practice the tools: “I’VE GOT TOO MUCH GOING ON” is another untruth.

I’m embarrassed as hell that I got myself in this situation in the first place: “I’M ASHAMED” is paralyzing.

It’s too hard or painful so I’m just going to punk out (quit) altogether: “I’M AFRAID” is selling yourself short.

Nobody cares about my pain and suffering so…there ya have it. I’m alone: “I’M A VICTIM” is self-effacing.

It breaks my heart when I hear impassioned, yet frustrated women admit they don’t believe their most essential dreams are possible for them. And nearly every fiery, wave-making woman I have met, including the hundreds of clients we have served, has doubted herself. Me too. Yep. Me too.
But today, we’re going to change all that. Your community is ready to rise up with you. We’re gathering as a circle of bold, brilliant women who are ready to step into the spotlight and shine brightly.

What is the My Amazing LYFE Map?

An interactive, self-discovery system in an online setting. The signature feature of My Amazing LYFE are “LYFE  Labs” thoughtfully designed for goal achievement through engaging and actionable steps.

Private online communities allow you the ability to be as personal or open as you want. In addition, My Amazing LYFE offers awesome incentives including weekly pop-up mentoring sessions, lifetime membership, the ability to support a host of women-empowered causes/organizations and much more!

What Is LYFE Mapping?

Studies show that goal-setting poses a much higher rate of future success. What better way to set goals than through visual expression?

Visualization is a powerful exercise of the mind. By “seeing” tomorrow, you increase your odds of achieving what you set out to accomplish.

Your amazing LYFE Map is much more than a vision board. It’s a holistic journey to the center of YOU. And, your own special tribe of cheerleaders is included!

Mindfulness is at the core. Learn centeredness using our holistic approach, as we regularly gather in the sacred company of friends – to be inspired and encouraged at every turn of your Amazing journey.

The state of our families, communities and legacies remain on rocky foundations.
  • Wage disparities and glass/cement ceilings are still very real, particularly for women of color who earn a mere 60 cents to a white male’s dollar.
  • Privilege and biases are alive and well, and show up in every aspect of our society, media, laws and public policy.
  • Even with a college degree and a great job, women of color’s average net worth is at an all-time low – ZERO to $3 to a white male’s $13 – due to college debt and lack of inheritances to help offset college expenses.
The crucial question is…
Are you AT PEACE and ENJOYING the highest quality of life you desire and work very hard to achieve?
The great news – An awakening IS happening…
  • Have you reached the end of your rope waiting for that better day to arrive?
  • Are you fed up with the rules that are made to sustain privilege and bias?
  • Is it costing you your physical, emotional and financial well-being?
Are you ready to take even greater responsibility, become even more of an activist – for yourself, family and community?
It’s time to access our inner renegade, the rebel who refuses to passively sit and allow her natural gifts and super powers (yes, I said it because it’s true) to be marginalized and impeded by fear and self-negligence.
You may have it together in sooo many ways … but you need something more to get ahead in the game of life.
You’re playing by all the rules … but you still feel as though the odds are perpetually stacked against you.
And, it’s frustrating, emotionally taxing and comes at a heavy cost to your quality of life NOW and in the FUTURE.
So, what’s our answer to these (and a host of other) really big societal problems?
What can we gain greater control over? How can we get ahead? How do we achieve a higher quality of life for ourselves and our children?

Have FUN, some out-of-the-box ADVENTURE, and a new brand of SISTERHOOD along the way!

The My Amazing LYFE Map is a soul-stirring, step-by-step holistic journey to examining what your life could look like outside of the ordinary and expected.
This powerful 15-part journey plus foundation-building exercises is for YOU – the passionate rebel who wants to:

Push the boundaries

Deepen your self-awareness

Do the inner-work

Engage with other like-minds

Advance your goals

And, define your destiny on your own terms

You are a renegade who refuses to recognize limitation and lack. Instead, you dare to rock your own world and challenge yourself to experience life freely and without limits.
With your LYFE Map in hand – your new
Your line of vision is clearer.
Your genius is unlocked.
Each milestone is activation-ready.
And, you’ve got a dynamic, uplifting community of collaborators to hold you accountable for completing the work required.
The secret is that this magic already exists within you. It just needs a powerful activation system.
The MY AMAZING LYFE MAP is that knowledge base and tool… and so much more.
You see, we are guiding you into the course believing in your badassness, that you ARE and HAVE everything that’s needed to walk this journey out, and emerge with a clear-cut life map to elevate your quality of life holistically, and create a new legacy for yourself, your family and future.

Help to identify your genius, strengths, passions, core values and flow to assure you’re pointed in a direction that’s aligned with your natural gifts, heart’s desire and likely to achieve the highest and best wins in your life.

Build a solid foundation, a blueprint from which to grow and flourish holistically. You may be doing well, but there may be something dragging your down. You’re better able to identify and course-correct it.

Coaching, mentoring and accountability play large roles in getting what you want and deserve out of life…and we often don’t leverage it enough. Here, it’s a key part of our ecosystem: socially engaging, collaborating and celebrating together!

Sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers… we’ve got to take more control over our lives…
And stop letting life control us.
With love…these questions are directed to the renegade… the warrior woman hell bent on pushing boundaries… and poo pooing the rules that try – and far too often succeed – at keeping us in this place:

Self-conscious about asking for what we truly need and want.

Misinformed about the things that could advance our goals.

Stuck dwelling on past upsets and heartbreaks.

Simply not knowing how to get to the “what’s next” in our lives.

Co-dependency on someone or something that no longer serves us.

Disconnection with the people and communities that could uplift us.

Pouring, pouring, pouring from a cup that has never been full.

Self-absorption or misplaced pride.

Playing small out of fear or habit, and denying that you have a voice.

Not being able to support others, because you simply need support.



Julia Hammond

Principal and Director of Learning Design, Archetype Learning

My Amazing LYFE Map is special in that it totally supports you in DOING, in actually making the changes you envision and living the life you want to live. As someone who has read my fair share of books and websites on personal empowerment, and taught and designed courses in personal and professional development too, I really appreciate the LYFE Labs, because they ask you to do more than just say, "oh yeah, what great advice!" They walk you through a step-by-step process of clarifying, visioning, and holding you accountable for doing it. Plus the LYFE Labs and Workbook are beautiful, and Maria's advice is well-earned common sense. You are going to have a great experience!

Ashley V Rodriguez

Licensed Cosmetologist Certified Make-Up Artist, Empowered Single Mother of 3

If asked who I would like to be like when I grew up, I'd choose a "go-getta" with a million-dollar vision. I'd choose Maria Dowd. She's had the most positive impact in my life that anyone I could imagine. Nothing is too big of a challenge for her. She shares her wisdom with anyone willing to soak it in. When I became a homeless and single mother of 3, she didn't hesitate to provide. So here I am, still going, still keeping my faith and my goals close to my heart. I'm excited for My Amazing LYFE because I know that it will guide women like myself to become empowered and successful.

Janelle Carothers – Eldest Daughter

Costume Designer, One Tribe Jewelry Collection x SLATE

Gtestimonial_rowing up with Maria Dowd as a mom? It basically includes lots of water, vegetables and an endless supply of non-negotiable extra-curricular activities. Add in an immense amount of love, and an awkward in-your-face approach to puberty. She always required us to be the best versions of ourselves and never gave up. I am truly grateful that I don't have a lot of things from my childhood that I have to recover from.

Kristen McMahon

Onboarding Specialist, NeuroGym

I've had the pleasure to work with Maria, and I truly appreciate how she moves and grooves in the world – with uncompromising principles, grace and a huge heart for humanity, especially when it comes to empowering women and families. I'm so happy she's manifesting My Amazing LYFE – her "legacy work" and excited to be a part of it.

Julia Shaw and Toni Coleman Btestimonial_rown

Publisher + Co-Authors, Delayed But Not Denied - Book 2

Maria is a trailblazer and change agent. We're excited to have her story as a part of our Delayed But Not Denied Book 2 collaborative. Maria's story is one that we can all learn from. Many will be able to relate…and many hearts will be healed.

Lauren Carothers

Lauren Carothers Run + Gun, Refinery29.com

MyAmazingLYFE is a platform that the determined Generation Z is craving. It's a safe place to be yourself, connect with likeminded people, and discover the formula for establishing an amazing life, improving yourself and making the world a better place. I'm proud of my mom for bringing it.

Shona Williams

Licensed Cosmetologist Owner of Divine Design Hair and Waxing, Mother of 2

I love My Amazing LYFE. It's something we need…all women. I will definitely take the LYFE Map course, and be a part of this amazing community!

Alessandra Eck

Fit4Drums Presenter, Master Trainer

Maria's been an avid fitness student of mine for years. she's an inspiration to all to get fitter and healthier. If she goes as hard for My Amazing LYFE as she does in Zumba, it's going to be outrageous.

Paulette Harris-German

Freelance Associate Producer & Live Event Host

I thank you my darling, for you chose to fulfill your vision, which has directly enabled me to be rising in mine.

Kim Sullivan

Serial entrepreneur, Former President of Event Planners Association

Maria Dowd is a smart and savvy entrepreneur. Combine that with her immense heart for people and you have an unbeatable combination!

Heidi Day

Trauma to Transformation

Maria has a special gift to be able to see the absolute best in people and find a unique perspective that illuminates even the darkest situation. My soul is refreshed every time I speak with her.

Lacey Williams

Certified Therapeutic Recreational, Specialist Owner of Healing Rhythms

Thank you Maria for helping me recognize my strengths, and master my passion. Your words of wisdom have helped to guide me into a lucrative career that doesn't even feel like work! I am so grateful you showed me how to L.Y.F.E.!

Christina Renee

Owner of Voilà Event Solutions, Co-Founder and Director of Operations for Space In The Raw

I met Maria when we were both working on an events industry project. She wants to build a tight knit community that promoted mentorship. I quickly adopted her as my business mentor. She's a true innovative problem solver.

Jennifer Dawn

Business Coach & Consultant

When I saw Maria's Vision Statement, what she sent simply blew me away. I'm so excited over the launch of My Amazing LYFE. Maria's talent, wisdom and inspiration are remarkable.

Leslie Williams

My Amazing LYFE is a practical movement that is easy to understand and incorporate into your daily life. Maria has an authentic style that is very captivating.

Marilou Huxman

Interior Design, Remodeling and Space Planning, Synergy Remodeling Solutions

MyAmazingLyfe labs is nothing short of remarkable! I cannot even begin to fathom the number of hours invested in the exceptional scope and depth of content or the years and years of life experience that contributed to your expertise! What I know is that you have set a new barometer for helping women and I am utterly and completely delighted at your accomplishment and the gift you bring to the momentum of change and empowerment for women! Congratulations, Maria – you are AMAZING! Truly, you have found your life calling!

< >
Julia Hammond

So what’s next?

It may be about money, career or business; your teetering health, body image or fitness; family concerns or a less than remarkable social and/or love life. Or, you may be in an emotional funk, plagued with overwhelm, unfulfillment or boredom. Or, perhaps, your spiritual practices have fallen by the wayside or you’re feeling an unexplainable disconnect.

Experience greater love and joy.

Expand your capacity to conquer.

Reign fearlessly and win big.

Do it for yourself… and for your children.

My Amazing LYFE Map focuses on your WHOLE SELF … not just the sexy parts.

This journey challenges you…

…to slow down, to quiet your mind and body; to connect with your core needs and desires – then commit them “pen to paper” enhanced with soulful, energizing visuals, affirming words and symbols, then activated through coaching, peer and mentor support and partner accountability.


Self-Revelations and Core Values
Helps you to uncover insights into your natural wiring and gifts, as well as identify your core values to form the foundation of your LYFE Mapping journey.

Working with Action Partners
Helps keep you on task and accountable to the promises you make to yourself and to the people who count on you.

My Emotional LYFE
Clear space to live more emotionally free, compassionate and wise. Expand your capacity to be more flexible, evolved and balanced – both internally and with the people you relate with.

My Wellness LYFE
Identify the simple and small shifts that have huge impacts on your levels of stress or anxiety and overall physical well-being. Grow your internal self-awareness and self-care quotients.

My Family LYFE
Supports you, as you journey to build, strengthen, redefine, or even rethink your most important relationships, within the boundaries of balance, harmony and happiness.

My Love LYFE
Guides you through exercises to soothe your mind, amplify your capacity for self-love, and open your heart to attracting, harmoniously caring for and being cared by your Divine right mate.

My Social LYFE
Helps you to create time for fun, adventure and experiences in your life that are healthy, creative, diverse, community-building and memorable.

My Professional LYFE
Supports the evolution of your intellectual, career and entrepreneurial goals so that you may fuel your genius, realize financial rewards, and serve to better humanity.

My Money LYFE
Guides you through your perspective and affinity for making, keeping, investing and sharing money, as well as establishes course-correcting goals to build cash flow, profits and wealth.

My Experiential LYFE
Helps you to live beyond your comfort level, opening and trusting your mind and heart to new ideas, thoughts, feelings, perceptions of the world, beliefs and actions.

My Spiritual LYFE
Helps you to better understand and achieve soulful connectedness, as well as greater peace, joy and thankfulness.

My LYFE Legacy
Guides you to defining precisely what you want to be known for. What legacy will you leave for your family, community, environment and the people you serve?

My LYFE Narrative
Encompassing what you learned about who you are, how you want to experience your life and with whom. It’s the big picture of where your life is headed, and at the core of it all is your big WHY… your driving inspirations to “I am,” “I’m doing,” and “I have.”


Action Partner Check-In

Accountability partnering is an integral part of these courses. Having someone watch our backs keeps up in action.

Meditation and Introduction

Get centered and ready to open your heart and mind to what’s possible. Cleansing breaths are nourishing and calming. They are a great way to set the tone for each of your LYFE Mapping sessions.

Write and Rise

Your safe space to randomly download your thoughts and feelings, wherever you are with them. No right or wrong...and definitely no overthinking. Just a simple, healing outpour.

Live. Your. Freedom.
Every Day!
Answers the WHY, WHAT and HOW.

Reality Check

Get into the shame-free best practice of transparency. Simply state the facts. Here’s where you answer “what’s happening” or “what happened.”

Daily Vitals and Tracker

Daily tracking is a great habit to adopt. The only way to monitor your vital signs, is to check them daily. What’s measured is improved.

Goal Prompts

Define your dreams and formulate your goals here. Refine them as you go.
Use affirming language “I am…” “I have…”

Hazard Signs

The best of intentions and plans can go haywire. There is a lesson or opportunity in every “upset.” Listen and trust your inner compass.

Activate It

LYFE Mapping is all but a dream without action. Here’s where you clearly map out the most critical steps to achieving your goals and milestones. You’ve birthed your LYFE Map, so it’s critical that you continuously nourish it. Keep visiting it, fueling it, updating and refining it and celebrating your successes. Be actively engaged in our community and stay connected to your action partners.

Self-Awareness Keys

Drop your greatest lessons and insights learned here, reflecting on what you’ve learned about clarity, forgiveness, love and thankfulness.

Vision It

“Pen-to-paper” is one thing. Creating a vision board with images, words, colors and symbols adds clarity and focus to your amazing dreams and goals.

Recognition and Social-Sharing

Earn your digital badge, and share your successes with a highly engaged community.


My Amazing LYFE Workbook

Daily “LYFE LIFTS” inspirational messages and tips.

Accountability Partnering (priceless)

Fun Digital Badges

Private Social Learning Community and ongoing LYFE Lab hours & Q/A calls.

Private FB Community for Mentoring and Peer Support

Self-Reflection Profile Template

Private Pinterest Community for Vision Board Sharing + Inspiration

Unlimited, Lifetime Access to the My Amazing LYFE Toolkit ($400 value)

Event Ticket Deals and Perks w/ Level added values! (up to $300)

Monday Morning LYFE Lifts for Weekly Inspiration + Tips

LYFE Map Review + Coaching Session with Maria Dowd


There are bigger and deeper issues that impact women, and especially women of color at disproportionate rates – namely sexual violence, domestic violence, gross pay inequities and economic insecurities.

Maria Dowd and the My Amazing LYFE Movement is committed to impacting not only the quality of life at the personal, cellular level, but also playing a role in positively impacting women’s quality of life at the public policy and outreach level.

For everyone who joins My Amazing LYFE, we’ll donate $10 to the cause you’re most passionate about.

The Center has worked for more than 40 years to protect and promote equality and opportunity for women and families,
championing policies and laws that help women and girls achieve their potential at every stage of their lives —
at school, at work, at home, and in retirement.

Help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women and children of color from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing,
addressing both the dearth in resources for survivors of sexual violence and to build a community of advocates, driven by survivors at the forefront creating solutions to interrupt sexual violence in their communities.

Mobilizes and trains progressive high school girls and college-aged to women run for office and become involved in the political process. Rise to Run’s boots-on-the-ground infrastructure emboldens young progressive women to enter public office, electoral politics, and progressive activism at all levels of government – from campaign manager to city council to Congresswoman.


Your My Amazing LYFE Program Features include:
Holistic Coursework including a Full Curriculum of Guided Activities Done at your Pace
Save $200 NOW($495 value)
Coursework spanning all the most important areas of your life!
UNLIMITED LIFETIME Access to the My Amazing LYFE Map Course and Updates
My Amazing LYFE Guide, Daily Tracking Worksheets and Journal Prompts
($25 value)
Daily “LYFE LIFTS” Inspirational Messages and Tips
($450 value)
Accountability Partnering
Digital Badges to Mark and Celebrate the Completion of Each LYFE Lab
Weekly LYFE Lab Q/A Hours Calls
($3,000 value)
Private FB Community for Mentoring and Peer Support
Self-Assessment Profiles and other Powerful Coaching Templates
($300 value)
Pinterest Community for Vision Board Sharing + Inspiration
Unlimited, Lifetime Access to the My Amazing LYFE Toolkit
($400 value)
Event Ticket Discounts and Perks
($300+ value)
Exclusive Sneak Preview of the Newest My Amazing LYFE Offerings
Weekly Facebook Live Inspiration, Tips and Special Guests
($2,000 value)
LYFE Map Review + Coaching Session with Maria Dowd
($75 value)
Secret Charter Member Perks for the First 1,000 to Enroll in the My Amazing LYFE Movement!
($500+ value)
Opportunity to Become One of our (Badass) LYFECatalysts of Ambassadors, Influencers, Guest bloggers and Advocates for the My Amazing LYFE Movement!
Your 1x Lifetime LYFE Map Investment
Your 1x Lifetime LYFE Map Investment

Offer expires 9/30/18. Bottom line…I want you to be satisfied. So, if you purchased the LYFE Map eCourse on the My Amazing LYFE site, have completed the first 2 LYFE Labs and are not happy with your progress, 100% of your purchase can be refunded within 30 days by simply emailing us at support@myamazinglyfe.com. Please note, however, that refunds are only available for courses purchased at www.MyAmazingLYFE.com. A course purchased through a third party website will not be eligible for refunds.

So…Sign up, take a look around, and go through all the content. If you are unsatisfied for any reason or feel the course isn’t for you, simply email our support team within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

It hit me one day in December 2015…
I came to realize that I’d been ignoring my inner-compass — then landing in that same spot, feeling frustrated and resigned. I needed to get back into my element, my most passionate and life-transforming calling – women’s empowerment…of mind, body, soul and overall quality of life.
It was crystal clear that I needed to understand WHAT was amiss inside of my WHOLE life. So, I pushed back, closed my door to the world and went inward. As I mapped out EVERY area of my life, I discovered:
  • I was randomly grabbing at opportunities because I didn’t have the self-awareness and a purpose-centered game plan for my life, post-divorce.
  • I wasn’t harmonizing my WHOLE life, choosing to leave the harder, emotional stuff unchecked.
  • Without a guide, some of my choices were being made more out of desperation, than desire.
  • Consequently, I continued to hijack my money, time, relationships, self-confidence and well-being.
MY TRUTH: 25 years later, I’m still as deeply passionate about women’s empowerment as the day I conceived the idea for African American Women on Tour, the women’s empowerment conference I produced and toured around the U.S. and abroad for 13 years.


My deepest, most electrifying passion is to energize and equip women—especially women of color—with tools and strategies to take bolder stands for the quality of our lives.

My two daughters, Janelle and Lauren are central to my quest, because they relentlessly encouraged for me and I owe it to myself, as well as to them to not take this dream into my grave.

And there’s Noah, my bright grandson who obsesses over planets, countries, and the continental divide. He’s  smart as a whip and is growing up in a country where none of this matters to large segments of our society. We’ve got work to do.


Desiree Moodie

Marketing + Community Management

Tess Trotter

Marketing Assistant

Jess Rafaeil

Public Relations + Communications

Parv Saini

Web Master

Tracy Allen

Video Production + Editor

Maddie Ruckle

Product Development

Lauren Carothers

Event Production

Michelle Carson

Contributing Writer

Nita Katrina

Contributing Writer

Ashley Rodriguez

Contributing Writer


Desiree Moodie

Marketing + Community Management


Marketing Assistant


Public Relations + Communications


Web Master


Video Production + Editor

Maddie Ruckle

Product Development

Lauren Carothers

Event Production

Michelle Carson

Contributing Writer

Nita Katrina

Contributing Writer

Ashley Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

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